Mychron 5 Steering Wheel

The Aim MyChron 5 Kart Racing Steering Wheel is the ideal complement for your newest MyChron 5 Kart Logger. It is Light weight and ergonomical and it allows you to put your MyChron 5 in the best racing position, which is right in front of you.

Discover the power of MyChron 5, watching all your data in a glance whilst maintaining the best driving position.

Designed with flat bottom and curved top, the MyChron 5 Steering Wheel is made of an anodized aluminium frame covered by chamoised leather. The Nabuk covering on the sides has been added to maximise grip, bringing the total control of the kart in your hands.

Available in two colours (red/black or black) with 3 or 6 hole options. The MyChron 5 Steering Wheel has been designed to fit all types of kart.

Installing the Mychron 5 Kart Racing Steering Wheel is easy and immediate with the bracket included in the kit.

New Mychron 5 Steering Wheel Choices
Mychron 5 steering wheel mounting